Troubleshooting the wrong problem

I was tasked with getting a user setup to view the advanced business intelligence reports this week.

So I Team Viewed into his PC, after the Help Desk installed all the necessary Power Pivot pre-requisites.

And the user said the one report didn't work.

So I went to work remotely while he attended a meeting.

First I verified permissions were set on the SQL-Server Analysis Roles.

Then verified correct permissions on SharePoint.  Sure enough all reports were vievable.

So I clicked on a report, sure enough it did not load in the browser.  So I downloaded the .odc Outlook Data Connection and was able to view it in Excel.  So that tells me the correct files are loaded.

Next I double clicked the .odc file and nothing happened.  Aha!  The file type .odc is not associated with the Microsoft Excel app.  So I right clicked the file, said 'open with' pointed to the hard drive location for Excel and sure enough, Excel launched.  Next loaded in the browser everything worked!  Yeah!

So I informed the user to run the report again.  Same error.  What the ?  Sure enough I was troubleshooting the wrong report.  So once I figured that out, his user id got assigned permissions to the .bism tabular model file and he was good to go.

So the lesson learned here, you can be the best troubleshooting person in the world, but if you're solving the wrong problem, customer will not be satisfied.

Turns out the customer had more than one problem, he just hadn't gotten to the point to know that yet.

And there you have it!