Seating Arrangements

Where do you sit where you work?

Are you close to the exit?

Do you have a window view?

I once worked as a consultant they stuck me in the middle of the call center - couldn't concentrate for 2 seconds.

Now I sit near the back of the building, we don't get much traffic to be honest.

My last job had a window office, except I shared it with someone.  The level of noise was almost unbearable.

One time I worked for a company where everyone worked in a giant hallway, the cubes were very short, so if you looked across the room from one side, you could literally see everyone in the company.  They used to stand up called it 'gophering'.

I worked for a small company, located above a machine shop.  There was no elevator.

Working for the County, our office was in a converted jail.  So if you believe in Karma, at one point in time there was a prison person sitting exactly where I was working, who knows what else went on there.

I guess that there are unlimited number of seating arrangements you could work in.

Or you could work from home in your jammies!