Over Think Processes

We tend to be process oriented.

Streamline order of events, remove the human interaction, automate whenever possible.

So working as a Team Lead for the past year and a half, I like to add processes, especially when things go wrong to an existing process.

So this past week, the month rolled over and the process to automate some of the month end stuff failed.

I immediately went to work to look for ways to automate everything.

After much analysis and reworking of the some of the code, we decided to scrap the automation.

Why?  Because the process was sufficient as is.  The problem that occurred was a one time anomaly which should never happen again because the culprit system is being deactivated after last month.

So there's no reason to change things, in this case.

And avoid CHANGE for the sake of change.  Sometimes things are okay as is.

And there you have it.