Nice to Have - Positions

We tend to think of IT as a well oiled machine that makes things happen.

And IT has many people to fill the roles and do the work.

Yet from my perspective some positions are "nice to have's".

As in not mandatory.

Take you Project Manager.  I've only worked in 2 positions in 20 years where we had the luxury of a full time PM.

How about Quality Assurance Analyst.  Same thing.  If your company can afford them they can save you time and effort by releasing quality code.  However, bugs still get through.

Next is the Business Analyst.  Sure they are nice to have, the go-between from the User and the Programmer, because we all know Programmers have no communications skills.  Well, not anymore.

Yeah, I'd say these three positions are all nice to have, but not required.

And the list could grow.  DBA's getting outsourced to the Cloud, teams of developers going offshore, entire Accounting departments now done in India, the list goes on and on.

For those of us in IT, we should count our blessings.

And avoid becoming 'nice to have'.