New AC

We just had a new Air Conditioner installed.

Was it broken?


So why would you replace something that wasn't broken?

First of all, Florida is just a few degrees cooler than the sun.

And as you may or not be aware, everyone's a/c goes out in the Summer time.

And when that happens, you are at the mercy of the a/c company.

Whatever they say, just do it, get us some cool air!

In addition, when the a/c does go out, it usually floods the house and costs a lot in damages.

So once again, we replaced out a/c when it wasn't broken.

So we shopped around, got some quotes and decided on a reputable dealer.

Our a/c was 18 years old. 

And after the guy removed it, said it lived a good life but didn't have many years left.

Some people said to me, take that money you were going to use to replace the a/c and put it in a 5 year CD.  You can earn interest and prolong the inevitable.

Well, that doesn't do it for me.  Earning 0.0012 percent while tying up the money for 5 years seems like a dumb thing to do.  And what if they a/c brakes before then, early termination fee of the CD.  Plus damages to the house.  Plus being at the mercy of the a/c company.

Lesson learned, problems are easier to fix before they happen.

And there you have it!