IBM in the 1970s

My father worked for IBM in Poughkeepsie NY.

Growing up it seemed every family had someone working for IBM.

What I remember about growing up in Poughkeepsie was the IBM Watson Country Club.

We spent a lot of summer's there as well as weekends.

My father played handball at the courts while my brother and I would wander around doing kids things.

They had a bowling ally, full basketball courts, golf course, multiple ball fields, playground, you name it they had it.

On the 4th of July they would have fireworks.

I played on their baseball team / league, went to summer camp, played golf and tennis.

Growing up you take this for granted.

I have yet to find an employer who offered such amenities and don't think I ever will.

Back in the 1970's working for IBM, you had a job for life, assuming you didn't steal or drink on the job, I suppose.

Man, to think about having a single employer for life.

Can't even imagine it.