Fluent in Data Speak

Are you fluent in data speak?

Do you like to sift through the data looking for nuggets of gold?  Insights?  Patterns?  Discoveries?

You should be.

And so should all Executives.  They should speak the company lingo when it comes to their data.

They should be able to rattle off numbers.  And those numbers should match everyone else's.

They should be able to talk about when they logged into the self service data utility and what they found interesting.  How they were baffled by such and such and do you have any explanations as to why.

They should be able to watch the data over time and watch the patterns.

And then take action to better the ecosystem.

Executives can no longer hide behind old school mantra of print the reports and place on my desk.

They need to take a proactive approach to understanding the data through self service if they want to stay ahead of the competition.

And they should not be afraid of asking for training or asking for assistance from the lowly BI team.  They are there to help and assist in any way, shape or form.

This includes the CEOs.  They should be digging through the data as well so they can be informed and perhaps even drive the business through data culture / ecosystem.

Mandate that all executives are fluent in data speak lingo.  And reward those who follow suit.  Make it fun!

Make it so!