Sell Out (Ads)

Q. So what's up with all these ADS on your website?
A. I'm experimenting.  Google offers the option to include ads on your blog, real easy to set up, and you can earn money.

Q. So basically, you've prided yourself all this time for avoiding ads.  Sell out much?
A. Yeah, I know the story.  I've always avoided ads like the plague.  I wanted to see how much revenue could be generated.

Q. And based on your current analysis, will you be retiring soon based off your lucrative venture?
A. Well, the ads have appeared for almost a week now.  The Dashboard shows I've got estimated earnings of $0.06 but the actual looks to be more like $0.01.

Q. Very interesting.  So are you going to shut them down?
A. Well, I'd like to let it run its course for a month or two, see what develops.  These things take time I hear.

Q. Won't the stamp for the check cost more than your earnings?
A. Uh, I'd have to do the math to confirm or deny that question.  What do stamps costs now a days?