When Your New Position Ain't So New

We all love getting new jobs.

The thrill.

The excitement.

The feeling that you are needed.

And then you work at a place for a while.

You solve some good problems.

You create some process to improve the place.

And then it wears off.

Noone left to impress.

You don't find joy in the challenges.

People are preventing you from excelling.

This leads to ambivalence and discontent.

I'm sure there's a lot of IT people gritting their teeth right now.

Because they are stuck in dead end jobs.

And they need a paycheck.

And there are some jobs out there.

But the competition is fierce.

And the hiring people are looking for only diamonds in the ruff.

And willing to pay copper prices.

So where does that leave a great bulk of the IT professionals.

I believe they are all just waiting it out.

For the market to turn.

And then there will be some musical chairs job changing like never seen before.

And all the biz logic will be gone with the wind.

Employers should really take time to prune their employees, give them sense of value, give them challenging assignments, bump up their salaries.

Because when the tide turns, your IT people will be in your office submitting their 2 week resignation.

Just some forewarning!