In some organizations, territory is well defined.

Don't tread on my turf.

And sometimes information is kept secretive in the form of silos.

And when someone new comes along, and they don't know the secret handshake, well tough petewtie!

The masters of the silos have no intention of dispersing business rules to such lowly mortals.

And so people struggle to find information on their own.

Which is an uphill battle.

I take the opposite approach.

Let's liberate the data and the business rules.

Let's apply some transparency.

No need for the data to be held hostage.

Territoriality is a thing of the past.

Except in some places, it still exists.

I find this form of behavior to be a mild form of bullying.

And if the org's allow it, then that's not the best place to be working.

Now is it?