Microsoft Big Data Symposium Orlando 2012

I attended the Symposium in Orlando from Microsoft.

The topic was Big Data.

However, they also discussed a lot of the new features in SQL-Server 2012.

I was really impressed with the way MS runs a show.

They had name badges pre-printed.

Offered snacks, water and COFFEE.

They had vendors to discuss some products.

The sound system was awesome.

The day started out with some cool uplifting videos.

And smoothly progressed from one topic to another.

The flow was transparent as each speaker took the stage.

Discussed their topic.

And so it went.

There was time in between for breaks and I asked some questions to the speakers.

Lunch was good, although I did pick one of the few boxes that had no cookie.

I sat with some ex-coworkers and some people from all over the country.

We chatted a bit.

Then more coffee, more speakers.

There is definitely a lot of new stuff in the new version of SQL-Server 2012.

They had an open discussion at the end, a panel run by Robert Skoglund from Microsoft.

Some good interaction and viewpoints based on differing industries and how they handle big data.

I asked a question, "what is the role of the data scientist going forward?  Is it a specific person or a group of people?  And do you see a new role of Chief Business Analytics Officer?"

Each panelist answered the question and with some of the new technology, and self service BI, they are hoping the user can get much of their data themselves.  Although some places will still have a need for the Data Scientist.

I Tweeted throughout the event.

While exiting the host of the day asked me if I was @SQLJon and he thanked me for tweeting.

We then headed to the bar and talked about data and such - good conversation (no alcohol of me by the way).

Then chatted a bit more and then headed home.

MS put on a good show, learned a lot and enjoyed the free lunch, validated parking and all you can drink coffee!