Coder Role vs. Manager Role

In IT you have a few career paths.

Stay technical, as a programming coder.

Or move into Management.

Some enjoy the progression.

More responsibility in management, more  money.  And more stress too.

And at some point you distance yourself from the day to day technology.

I remember a director at my old job, said going into supervisor position is a slippery slope.

Because once you head down that path, it's just a matter of time before you lose your tech skills.

However, I hope to prove him wrong.

I still have my skills, even though I've been supervising the past year.

It was a hands on role, I wrote code every day.

And I worked at my part time job writing code every night.

So I made the conscious decision to go back to the coder role - 100%.

Supervising is okay, I liked the authority in the sense that I could implement new procedures.

The day to day things like time off, I didn't get to involved in that.

Whatever they asked for they got.

I also enjoyed delegating the work based on available resources.

And meeting with customers and setting expectations.

All good skills going forward.

Most managers I've seen in IT were coders at some point.

And then they lost their programming skills.

And now they must be in management and can't go back.

It's a choice I suppose.