Traditional Reporting

We've been trying to get the contractor hired on full time.

Because he's fast, accurate and always asks for more tasks.

So today he brought in some cheese cake with frosting that said 'day 1'.

He finally got hired.

So I went to my boss' office.

To ask how much time is allocated for reports.

He said he is only to work on 'Grant' reports since that's who's paying his salary.

So I looked at my list of reports in the queue and 2 of 23 reports are for grants.

So tomorrow I have to let all my customer's know that he is no longer available to work on their reports.

This is why traditional reporting fails.

Customer must wait in a queue for requesting data.

IT is the bottleneck.

So if you would like a report, submit a ticket, a new report request form, and pull up a chair.

It's going to be a while.