IT Lost Control of the Data

IT Lost Control of the Data.

I was in a Tweet Chat last week and someone sent this tweet to me.

And I agreed of course, but I had some time to think about it.

IT has been the gatekeeper for all the data going back to the 1970s on the mainframe and before.

Two places I've worked at, the mainframe is still the primary pathway to the data.

So IT controls who sees what when.

And while working for both orgs I've been key in getting that data out to the business users for consumption.

During one meeting, the customer complained they want their data, and they want it now.

So I opened MS Access, connected to the data source, within 30 seconds they could see all their data in every table.

Their jaws dropped.

So then they wanted Crystal Reports to access their data, except they didn't know how to program.

So I gave them some demo's and they were on their own.

Early days Self Service BI adoption.

And they were some happy customers after that.

Now who's to say they couldn't upload that Access database to the web.  Or on a thumb drive, and someone gets a hold of that.

Years worth of private data now exposed into the public with no way to reverse.

So yes, IT has lost control of the Data, for better or worse.

Pandora's box has been opened.

And the Genie refuses to get back inside.

Users need to see their data.  And IT should not be the preventers of this.

And now, with Power Pivot, you can store millions of rows of data, a tremendous advantage over Access.

It's all about liberating the data from the tyrannical IT departments or something like that.

However, IT isn't going away.  Someone needs to store that data, on a database, on a server, on a network, with email accounts, etc.

I suppose the Cloud could handle a lot of that and have it outsourced so I guess anything is possible now a days.