DBA vs. Developer Role

When you talk about Databases, you obviously think of Database Administrator (DBA).

Back in the day, the DBA did backups, restores, added users, tuned, wrote SQL queries, Stored Procedures, Packages, PL/SQL.

Then one day, the role of Database Developer sprung up.

And that role allowed people other than the DBA to write SQL and reports and ETL and a variety of other things.

And the DBA and Developer were at slight odds with each other.

How dare the Developer trample through my database and cause havoc, adding new objects, writing inefficient queries and such.

And they have lived in peaceful existence ever since.

Enter stage left, the Cloud.

You can now, with a credit card, open an account with a hosted vendor to host your database in the Cloud.

And what does that mean, the role of the DBA is not as necessary as once was.

The Cloud creates the database, maintains it, backups and restores, anything you could think of.

Essentially, the DBA role is is now in competition with out sourcing.

And the role of the developer is skyrocketing.

I'm not here to say the the DBA role is completely gone, I'm saying there are now alternatives to high priced full time roles.

I don't see any role in IT that can't be outsourced at this point.

And so it goes!