Customer Feedback

Today I created a list of issues we've encountered over the past year surrounding our Reporting Project for a particular internal customer.

Our task was to convert about 35 reports from a legacy ASP web app to SSRS.

The list contained flaws in the way the users were entering data.

And some bad business rules inherent in the new PHP app.

And the translation of business requirements into reports.

However, the feedback that caught me off guard was the fact that there have been 3 developers on this project.

I hadn't thought about it.

But it's true.

The reports got off to a slow start.  Slow and inaccurate.

So about 6-8 months into the project I took over the reports in flight.

I had to learn the guts of the business.

And then I transferred the project to a contractor.

And we had to clean up the bad code.

And re-learn the business.

And get the reports to match each other.

After finding all the issues stated above.

It has been a long and windy journey.

And I feel we are heading down the home stretch.

Today I updated the project plan and we don't have that much left to do.

Sure some new reports were added to the list, which we still need to get too.

But the vast majority of reports are matching up and looking good.