Some Concerns #BigData #BiWisdom

As we are learning, Big Data and Business Intelligence are pivotal in today's IT strategy.

Get the data in front of the person who makes decisions in timely manor in a readable format.

In order to make decisions.

Yes, we have larger data sets available and better technology to slice and dice.

Yet, who are all these people making decisions?

And what decisions are they making?

Do we know any of them?

And what questions / concerns do they have?

Timeliness, accuracy, security, privacy, completeness, etc.?

The info I'm seeing is mostly driven from the people who have access to the data.

In order to drive this technology forward, it seems to me that we need more input from the actual users.

The people who do make the decisions.

To identify what types of problems we are trying to solve.

Also, what if we present our version of the data and it's wrong?

What if the data is out dated?

Or what if 2/3 the data is correct, but the 1/3 data that was mashed together was wrong?

And the customer that pays the bills made a business decision based on incorrect data.

Then what?

Kind of slows down the process, makes you think about the bigger picture.


And what if after spending all this time and money, the data is marginal, meaning the decision could go either way, resulting in a decision based on intuition or business experience instead of 'facts'.

And what if one of these extremist groups uses this new technology to slant their version of the truth.

It could happen.  Intentionally or not.  Skew the facts.  Paint a picture that satisfies a particular agenda.

I'm just throwing these ideas out there.

With all the mad rush to dive in an be the first to cash in, we may want to step back and look at some of the bigger issues.