Big Data Questions #BigData

With all the hype of big data going on there are still basic questions that need to be addressed.

What is big data?

Are we talking huge volumes of data?

Or the gathering of desperate data across multiple sources?

Or is it the blending of structured and unstructured data?

Is it mining data?

Or is it predictive analysis??

Is big data just the next iteration of Business Intelligence?

And who performs the functions of big data?

Since algorithms and mathematical formulas are involved should the role be dedicated to a statistician?

Since programming is involved would an IT person do the analysis?

Would the person work independently or as a team?

Would one person have all the necessary information to accomplish the task?

Who would oversee the operation?

How would the goals be determined?

How would success be defined?

Who would ensure data governance?

Who would ensure the data is correct?

Who would understand and translate the business rules to the developer?

Who would oversee the project to ensure timelines are met?

Who would fund the project?

Would the project work in tandem with other parts of the organization or be a silo?

Could big data be sold as a service?

I think these and other questions need to be addressed with industry standards.

So we are not aiming at a moving target.

Any thoughts?