Business Model

When I was a kid around 8 years old, many moons ago, my father explained something to me.

We were talking about McDonalds.

I sure liked to eat fast food as it was a luxury back then.

What he said was, they were originally in business to sell empty paper cups and empty wrappers.

However, they did not sell that many.

Someone clever decided to add something to the products to get more people to buy them.

So they decided to add cheeseburgers and fries and beverages.

And you know the rest of the story, they are probably one of the biggest and most well known company in America.

Years later, I heard that their business model was even more complex.

They are actually in the land business.

They are one of if not the largest business land owners in the country and own some of the best parcels of land in every city and every state.

So there you have it.

I also like Chinese food and had chicken & broccoli for lunch today.

You notice I didn't say fried rice, soy sauce, sweet and sour sauce and a fortune cookie.

Because you assume that it's part of the meal.

So if you think about it, their core business model is the meal, the egg foo yung, the chicken & broccoli, the general cho chicken,etc.

We assume the extra's are part of the meal.

So every person gets these extras no matter what their primary meal is.

So in my opinion, those are the things that they should strive for to ensure quality.

Because everyone who walks in the door for a meal gets these standard products are assumed to be part of the meal.

So when I go on a job interview, they are asking for someone who has chicken & broccoli.

Sure we all have that, but it's the side items that are part of the meal that are not publicized that are what makes the difference.

That's what I think anyway.

You tell me~!