Community Support

Our organization has been on the SQL-Server 2005 edition since I've been here and way before that.

We spoke with our Microsoft contacts in December and they suggested we upgrade to a new version.

We ported the ReportServer and ReportServerTempDB to a test box / new instance of a database.

We then installed the SSRS web on a a new 2008 Virtual Machine.

Then I configured the settings to use specific users and point to the new instance of the database.

And then logged on.

Some of the reports were there and could run them and see the data.

However, I could not view the Data Sources and some of the SSRS Reports.

So I did some research and found a good article by  Stacia Misner @StaciaMisner:


So then I posted a tweet with the #SSRS hashtag:

 server upgraded from 2005-->2008->Can see folders, run reports with data->I don't see data sources or subscriptions

And someone from the SQL Community / Twitterverse chimmed in: Dan English @denglishbi

Dan was helpful in assessing the problem and offered multiple solutions, specifically the config file.

Then I tried viewing the web from my local machine and sure enough, it promted me for credentials, I could see all the Data Sources

The only thing is, now I have subscriptions running on multiple servers so I need to remove the subscriptions from the new test server.

However, we would like to test the subscription feature on the new version 2008 r2 to see if it speeds up our run time, etc.

Twitter and the content on the internet are really helpful for community support.

I appreciate it.


JB / @SQLJon