20 Ways to be Better than Good

  1. Respect your co-workers.
  2. Make your boss look good.
  3. The customer is always right.
  4. Everyone is a customer.
  5. Follow through on assignments.
  6. Document everything.
  7. Go above and beyond.
  8. Be responsive to customer's needs.
  9. Return voice messages / email promptly.
  10. Meet your deadlines.
  11. Ask questions when stuck.
  12. Always, always be learning. 
  13. Learn the business.
  14. Comment your code.
  15. Write code that is maintainable.
  16. Give your employees the tools to succeed.
  17. Praise your workers for good work.
  18. Thank your customers.
  19. Be loose, but get the work done.
  20. Have fun!
Just 20 quick ways to improve your customer's experience, add value and gain job security.