Rouge Access Developers

Rouge Access Developers.

I'm sure just about every organization has them.

People who operate data farms in Microsoft Access embedded within departments other than IT.

They gather data in silos, they work outside all constraints, they answer to no one.

Yet they are running entire departments / organizations.

Their data is a mystery.

Where do these reports come from?  Who knows?

Until they are discovered and flushed out of their holes.

And then gobbled up by the IT department.

They resist as their empire is infiltrated.

You discover they have 2 dozen + Access applications throughout the building.

And you say to yourself, 'holy crapoli'.

How has this individual manage to stay under the radar for so long and in the process, make themselves so valuable?

How are we going to convert this mess, which took a decade to create, into SQL-Server and SSRS?

Once that data is migrated to an enterprise database, the applications with their custom forms & reports & VBA modules are converted to some Web based interface, the Access developer has lost their foothold.

But that could take some time.

I'm sure this scenario is quite common.



Power Pivot Install

Power Pivot:

Today I was on a mission to load Power Pivot on my work PC.

First I upgraded Office 2010 on my work PC.

Then, download Power Pivot from this URL:

The file I downloaded: PowerPivot_for_Excel_x86.msi

Double click and the install package fired up!

Click Run...

Click Next...

Click Install...

Click Next...

Now you are ready to open MSFT Excel 2010...

Click Install...

You should now see PowerPivot in the upper portion of Excel...

Click on the PowerPivot button and you will see...

You have now Successfully loaded PowerPivot for Excel.  Thus, you can begin your Self Service BI Microsoft Style.

And as I posted on Twitter today:

 Rob Collie 

Awesome :) RT : We didn't come here to look for trouble, We're just here to do The  Shuffle