Team Lead Role

What does a Team Lead do every day?

Well, for one thing, the role of a Team Lead is diverse.

The main responsibility is to keep up with the incoming report request queue.

By that, one must utilize the resources available to complete the reports in a timely manor.

The main source of reports comes from the Ticketing System.

There are also email requests from various people/departments.

The Manager or CIO can assign reports or Directors from various departments

The state can request reports.

There are ongoing project that require reports.

So there are a variety of ways a report can get requested.

When a report gets requested outside the ticketing system, the Team Lead usually enters a ticket request and assigns it.

So there is a lot of communication outside the IT department.

With a variety of different customers.

Most communication is done via email, some phone calls and the usual amount of face to face meetings.

There is also the administration functions that must be handled.

Workers sometime call in sick, or late for work so signatures are required on time sheets every two weeks.

Approving vacation is also required by verifying the necessary staff is available.

Then there's the Annual Performance Evaluations.

One more thing that should be mentioned is giving 'positive feedback' to workers whenever they do a good job.

I like to commend people for doing a good job, especially to the higher ups.

Which makes them feel good and enforces the type of behavior that's expected.

Also, when work is not up to par, there are mentoring sessions.

Which leads into training.

And I'm a firm believer that a worker must have the necessary tools to do their jobs.

And, in my case, writing reports is also expected.

I tend to take some of the more complex reports, some reports that can be done quickly or when a report requester is high up in the food chain.

The key is to determine the workers skill set and assign the work appropriately.

The stronger developers get the more complex reports and vice verse.

We also have Team Lead meetings with our Manager where we discuss current projects, up coming projects, and a variety of other topics within the department.

There is a lot of responsibility in being a Team Lead.

It's not a bad position, as long as you still get to write code.

The one thing I find interesting is seeing the work environment from the other side.

No longer do I have the luxury of complaining how bad things are.

Now I'm responsible for getting the job done with the resources available.

And so it goes!