IT Job Titles

What's the difference between Software Engineer III, Software Developer, Programmer Specialist, Principle Developer, Lead Developer, Application Developer, Business Process Engineer, Senior Software Engineer/Developer/Specialist, etc. etc. etc.

You get the point.

Seems like some standardization is in order.

I have no idea who does what, the differences / similarities, skill level, job functions, etc.

How did IT Job Descriptions get so fragmented.

One company has one naming convention, another company has completely different one.

Who's driving this bus?  Or is it a free for all?

When I watch baseball, I know what a '3rd baseman' does.  I know what the position entails, what skills are required, where on the field the position is, etc.

I have no idea what a Software Engineer III does.

And I think that's a problem.

What do you think?