What is it you do here

What is it you do here?

What value do you add to this organization?

Well, I'm responsible for the Reporting Services department consisting of two report developers.

We are basically a production line of report requests.

We receive incoming request via the ticketing system to fix bugs, create new reports as well as projects.

Our job is to find the most efficient way of extracting the data into a readable report on the web in Report Manager for consumption to the internal users within the School Board.

I meet with customer from time to time to discuss report requests.

I give status updates to my boss.

It's basically a good job with a lot of responsibility.

I did a recent search the other day and the salary range for this position in this area was about $25k higher than what I'm currently earning.

If it were not for my part time job, I would have to really assess what my future career plans are.

Hopefully, down the road, someone will have a need for a person with team lead skills, who knows how to create reports, in SSRS & Crystal Reports & Actuate, who can program in .net C# and VB as well as JAVA and Oracle.

I think I could earn more money in any one of these individual skill sets than what I'm currently earning.

I look back on my career and realize I have made some poor decisions regarding my career.

I will seek to rectify that going forward.

That's about it for now.