Report Viewer BI Solution

In all the time I've worked with SSRS, I've never seen the report displayed on the web in ASPX.net embedded in Report Viewer.

Sure, I played around with the Report Viewer in c#.net and got the report to render locally as an .rdlc.

However, I stopped developing with it after I was blocked with sub-reports.

I was not able to render a report with 4 sub reports after researching the web.

This week, I saw a fully functioning BI solution developed in SSRS using embedded Report Viewer reports.

Actually, it was a great application with tons of graphs and hyperlinks.

Under the hood, the app was storing 'session' variables by passing the parameters from page to page, similar to 'session' web apps.

Also, you could drill down several layers and view graphs along the way along with detailed info.

When the user see's something that stands out, he/she can drill down further to see the most granular level of detail which comprises the scorecard at the higher level.

And that my friends, is what I think true BI is.

I never contemplated a BI solutions in SSRS without using cubes, which contained executive dashboards with fancy colors, with hyperlinks to drill down to the finest level and back up.

I was definitely impressed.