Well, my part time job emailed me late Friday with an amendment to the original contract - they want to extend me to March 31, 2012.

That's good.

From the looks of it, they have 40+ SSRS reports to convert to the data warehouse tables instead of the raw data tables.

I imagine mapping out the new fields to take some time and estimating out each of the steps.

This go around they have me estimate all my work for the entire month.  Then it gets approved, then I do the work.

I submit my invoice beginning of the following month, which they have 10 days to approved.

Then they have 30 days from then to issue the check.

Whew, quite a long process.

But a check is a check, which is good as cash, which the bank is glad to deposit.

I worked for the same company all last year.

I had to stop when the School went on Summer school hours - 4 ten hour days - which I took the bus - which meant I couldn't get the necessary hours in -

They called me late September to do some more work which I gladly accepted.

I did a contract before that one, for an international company, which I found on Craigslist.

They paid quite low, but I got some good experience with SSRS and T-SQL consolidating 5 country databases into a single repository nightly.

Before that, I did a few websites for a tennis/golf club.

Before that I had a friend who owned a software company and I helped write some VB6 code which checked files in and out of Visual Source Safe through COM+ and DLLs.

Before that I did some ASP web development for a travel website.

Before that I did some volunteer work for a local computer club.

I guess I started my side biz in 2000, which is when I signed the paperwork with the attorney to have the name Bloom Consulting as Sole Proprietor and got a federal tax id.

Eventually, my goal would be to incorporate and do Independent Contracting full time.

And so we dream.