As anyone working in the IT field knows, work can be exhausting.

It can drain you physically, mentally and emotionally.

That is why they invented vacations.

This week my wife and I spent a week in the Georgia Mountains.

We rented a cabin in Blue Ridge, Ga. We usually visit this area twice a year for the past five years.

I'd have to say this was out best vacation yet.

The cabin was secluded, close to a creek, close to town, very spacious, plenty of amenities, clean, screened in patio, new grill and best of all, it had a fenced in yard for the dogs.

That meant that I did not have to wake up at 6am to walk the dogs on leashes.

The wife woke up and opened the screened patio door and the dogs went a wandering.

This was a vacation in itself.

We then awoke, had coffee, showered and drove over to the Waffle house each day to enjoy an egg and cheese biscuit.

Then we journeyed to one of the State Parks, Fort Mountain and Vogel as well as Blairsville, Hiawasi and Ellijay.

We mostly ate out fast food for lunch and cooked on the gas bbq each night.

At night we rested, read books and spent some quiet time doing nothing.

Tomorrow we head back to Florida - long drive - then we have Friday, Saturday and Sunday to unwind from vacation.

Not sure if we'll be back in April. Will have to see how things look at that time.

One peculiar thing to mention. Every time we've been to this area the people have always been so friendly. Southern hospitality I suppose.

Not this time. The locals were very unpleasant and seemed to cater to the locals.

Perhaps the down economy has dried up their customer base and they now focus on the repeat customers.

We were kind of disappointed about this as we usually enjoy spending time with the locals.

Either way, the dogs had a wonderful time as did my wife and me.