Time Stops for Worm Holes

Can you stop time?  Just open a slit in the space time continuum.  Drop down a worm hole.  Appear in a far off galaxy.  Hang out for a while.  Return home in time for dinner.

Populate Mars.  Maybe occupy some pre-built structures, from before they lost atmosphere, flew to Earth, built a race of working bi-pedal hominids.  History is fluid, most of the truth evaporated.

Atlantis.  Lost?  Shifted south.  As India shifted north.  Smashed, created some mountains.  Platonic shift?  Europia.  Popcorn please.  Fiction is so fascinating.

Big Bang.  Any witness'?  Got a few questions.  Infinity.  For how long?  Expand forever.  Where is the edge?  Been there a few times.  Took the worm hole.  Found the slit.  When time stopped.  Back for dinner.

Five senses?  Wow.  What about all the others?  Like doing math with no odd numbers, and excluding 7, 5, 1 and 9.  Sort of limiting.

Before arrival, sat around, with the guides, what would you like to accomplish this time, while in physical form?  Well, purgatory sounds like a good learning experience.  And poof.  Here we are.

Predict the future?  Can't predict the past.  Fiction.  Reality?  An aligned hallucination.  1. Work 2. Spend 3. Repeat

Unlearning is the first sign of intelligence.  Tabula Rasa.  Blank slate.  Dinner plate.  Time to go.  Famished.