Synthetic Intelligence (SI)

Plants convert Carbon Dioxide to Oxygen.  We breath Oxegyn and output Carbon Dioxide.  It's a cohesive bond, each dependent on the others.  This is dubbed Photo Synthesis.

We also have Data Synthesis.

Artificial Intelligence synthesis' information to produce results downstream.

Data is the fuel, both real time and historical, gets processed via models, algorithms, deep neural networks, that flow pieces of data up through the layers to derive result.  Results like prediction, clustering, matching as well as actionable items such as avoid car collision, move box from point A to point B, and so on.

Data Input + Data Crunch = Results

It could be aliased "Synthetic Intelligence" or SI.

Synthetic intelligence (SI) is an alternative term for artificial intelligence which emphasizes that the intelligence of machines need not be an imitation or in any way artificial; it can be a genuine form of intelligence.

SI could be embedded within Humans, or within Devices, or within Robotics.  This enhanced intelligence will improve efficiency, the long term memory, association of things, pattern recognition, in other words, "Bionic" enhancements.

These Bionic enhancements could be purchased in the near future.  Want a brighter child, purchase the upgrade.  Want your kid to succeed in life, purchase the upgrade.  Want your children to advance above the herd, purchase the Bionic Enhancement.  Not necessarily physical attributes, such as strong, faster, leaner, but intelligent enhancements.

At that point, if someone had these synthetic advancements, they could surely outperform the average person.  Perhaps an entire college degree in a few days.  Become PhD level intelligence in a few weeks.  Possibilities are endless.

Keep in mind, these synthetic enhancements won't be available at the local vending machine, they'll be purchased from entities for high dollar amounts, for profit.  So those who can afford, will prosper.  Those who can't afford, well, take a guess.

So no only with SI or AI improve the world through intelligent awareness of all things, it can also improve individual people, perhaps through DNA alterations prior to birth, or perhaps upgrades to living people through embedded and connected devices.

The world is changing.  For those that keep up and can afford luxury technology, the sky is the limit. For those who can't, well, perhaps they can look for loose change on the sidewalk to purchase a quick burger.

And so it goes~!