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Your Life as a Movie

What if your entire life was recorded.  Like a movie.  Would it be a comedy, thriller or tragedy.

What if the plot of the movie consisted of you in a cage.  An invisible cage.

What if the gatekeepers provided the conditions of your cell, fed you information of the outside world.

What if you didn't realize the plot of the movie, that your resided in an invisible cage, and the gatekeepers took satisfaction of making your life more difficult than it needed to be.

Boy, it sure is cold in here.  No problem, we'll turn the knob, make it a wee bit colder, hope you don't mind, remember to smile!

Boy, the number of quality jobs are shrinking.  No problem, listen to this music station, we've selected specific songs that discuss unemployment, no jobs.  Oh, we threw in some luxuries, songs about drinking, bad relationships, loss of hope, loss of dreams.  Enjoy!

Boy, the traffic seems to be getting a lot worse, can't seem to go 2 miles an hour.  No problem, we'll just adjust these traffic lights to ensure you go 1 mph, hope you don't mind, remember to smile.

Boy, I sure enjoy these movie characters, they sure do provide inspiration to get motivated and change my life, maybe reach out to old friends and community members to band together and change things.  I just read in the paper that movie actor had an unexpected death, perhaps plane crash, or drug overdose or some accident of sorts.  That's too bad you lost your hope and inspiration, maybe next time.

What if the movie of your life was recorded, as in the mic on your smart phone, the camera on your computer, the satellites looking in from the windows, following your every movement.  And for extra points, your social profile was continually gathered and accumulated based on social media posts, are you a sucker, a funny person, thrifty, good with money, political persuasion, and yes, are you a potential threat.  Good old fashion detective work, makes for a great movie!

The wealth you've accumulated somehow disappeared, that darn housing market crash, who could have foreseen that, such an anomaly.  Geepers, it's too bad the entire country lost a huge chunk of money and was gobbled up for foreign investors.  Looks like we'll need to work until we're 80 now to pay off all this debt.  Good thing the health care system is so efficient and helpful.

Wouldn't that be a riot.  If the gatekeepers derived a sense of purpose by making your life move a tragedy instead of a happy ending success story.  Don't worry, this is just all make believe.

Remember to smile~!