You Majored in What

As a freshman in college at University of Florida, I took basic classes, with no pre-defined major.  That included classes such as geography, biology, accounting, economics, FOTRAN, Music Appreciation, Karate, Softball, Statistics and a bunch of other courses.

I had to retake Accounting and Calculus.  When I spoke with the Management professor, if I get a D in this class, I have to switch majors.  Good luck he said.

A student without a defined major.  Junior year.  So I headed over to speak with a guidance councilor, reviewed my transcript.  It seems you have a good amount of Anthropology classes, tell you what, there's a summer course at USF, you can earn 12 upper division credits in 7 weeks.  If you declare your major to Liberal Arts Anthropology, you can graduate on time.

So that's what happened.

I took Biological Anthropology, learning about cranial capacity of development from Australopithicus to Homo Habilis to Homo Erectus.

I took Cultural Anthropology, learning of different cultures around the globe.

I took Linguistics and learned about languages.

I took Lost Tribes and Sunken Continents and read books on Thor Hierdaal about ancient sea folks traversing the world in straw huts, strange artifacts across the globe with unexplainable origins, lost city of Atlantis.

I took Cognitive Anthropology discussing leading thinkers about various topics which was immensely interesting, although I didn't pass the class.

I took Archaeology at USF in Tampa where we learned of past tribes in Florida, the Weeden Island people and their sand mounds, which developed into the Safety Harbor tribe.  Oddly enough, I'd find myself living in Safety Harbor 20+ years later, and got married at the Indian Mound.  And we dug archaeological pits out in the field in a few locations, digging and throwing the dirt into sifter, looking for artifacts, then drive back in the big trucks and clean the shovels and supplies.

And for that, I earned a college degree.

People say, why would you major in Anthropology, if you didn't plan on going to grad school.  Well, it just happened.  I almost had enough credits for a Minor in Business, I took computer courses using the VAX, I took courses on geography and sports and music and astronomy and psychology and biology.  Sort of a cross cut segment of everything they offer, well rounded variety of topics.  Not the traditional approach of earning a degree for specialized field that locks you in for life.

Besides the classes, there were major difficulties to overcome during those years.  Suffice to say, after 4 years including 3 summers, I walked across the stage, to receive a college diploma.  I did learn quite a bit and wouldn't change a thing.

And there you have it~!