Wrap Everything with Technology is the NEW Progress

What product or service is around today that wasn't around 50 years ago, 100 years ago.

My assumption is not much.  If you change your perspective.  Simply wrap "technology" around everything.

Retail, Transportation, Rent rooms.  Add technology.  Amazon.  Uber/Lyft, AirBnB.

Technology was infused to each segment, for better accuracy, speed, automation and audit trail.  And, decentralization.  Empower the people, easy entry to market, yet pick up some of the costs.

What's next?  Education.  Healthcare.  Legal System.

Technology is a wrapper around everything.  We call that progress.  Except.  Humans are still the weakest link.  Once humans intervene along any part of the trail, chances are, they introduce errors, bias, slow downs, inconsistencies, for various reasons.

Once the gap narrows, and humans are displaced further, some things will improve.  Accuracy, speed, consistency, audit trails.

And humans perhaps will no longer afford the goods and services they provide.  From there, it's anybody's guess.  For now, enjoy the gravy train, of finding gainful employment and living the high life.  Time's they are a changin'.