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There are no Distractions Just Movement of Time

Distractions don't exist.  It's simply a "flow" from one moment to the next.

What gets people in trouble is the ramp up time to begin a level of concentration.  For programmers, you work heads down, focused on a particular problem, distractions will set you back tremendously, as you need to regain focus, determine where you left off, then begin again, until the next distraction.

The key is to be aware all the time, so your mind is constantly churning, on a particular task, with great focus.  You have items appear in the peripheral, which you can notice but not get consumed, perhaps earmark for later.

They say people tend to think about vacation when at work, and while on vacation, they think about work.

We as humans slice everything into compartments.  This is my home.  This is my work.  The two are separate.  Except in reality, there are no dividers.  It's just time.  And time is not broken into chucks.  If it's anything, it's continuously flowing, forever and ever.

We invented clocks to better manage our time, it's a human invention.  The Universe runs in cycles, you can count the cycles, but there is no break from one moment to the next.  The ancient Maya's recognized the movement of the galaxies around the center of the Universe, that was their unit of measurement, and then broke out the cycles into smaller units.

Time is a wrapper around the chaotic Universe.

The Universe is in an endless cycle of movement.  We tend to get caught up in chunks of time.  And in doing so, we say when one event begins and another ends.  That's our restriction placed on the Universe to better control our environment, or the world would be in constant chaos.

We attempt to tame the Universe / Nature by implemented units of time to better control our environment and not become overwhelmed, as well as to align the planet in unison.

Except, the underlying core is to flow.  And if we allow our minds to drift from one moment to the next, we are better aligned.  And we apply focus to the task at hand, when complete, we flow into the next task.  Our minds are free to roam and wonder, not shackled by time, which allows greater creativity, like we all did before we became domesticated into our rational view of the world, devoid of wonder and curiosity.

Similar to clouds in the sky, forming and dissipating, then reforming.  The actual cloud has no physical structure, merely a consolidation of particles, temporary, and if you fly through a cloud, you don't really see it, can be seen better from afar.

How does one accomplish more in less time, by going with the "flow" of time.

And so it goes~!