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The Children are the Future Teach them Technology

Should technology be taught in schools.  Absolutely.
Should students be required to take programming classes.  Yes.
Could students elect to substitute a programming language or cluster of technology instead of foreign language.  Sure.
How soon should students be immersed in technology.  Grade School.
Should critical thinking and problem solving and statistics classes be offered to students.  You betcha.

Our future depends on the youngsters of today and future generations.  If we do our jobs correctly, and prepare them for a changing world, then yes, technology should be the foundation in which students learn beginning at the earliest stages.

If you prepare students for a world of technology, you are setting them for success, not left behind.

Students should know and be tested on the basics of computers, how to log in, create accounts, use spreadsheets, writing documents, spell check, sending emails, connecting to VPNs, and on and on.  These are no longer nice to haves, they are have to haves.

We need to strengthen the chances for gainful employment to the younger generations, so they can attempt to have the same if not better standards of living that we have.  Let's not set them up for failure.  Let's let them compete with an international workforce.  Let's get them prepared for the working world without massive debt incurred in specialized degrees.

Start teaching kids early, let them learn to enjoy technology, to be continuous learners, so they have a chance at employment when the time comes.