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Root Cause Analysis, Bamboo Style

Science is about proposing hypothesis, testing, verify results.  Bottom line, get the root cause, using analysis.

Computer bugs, mysteries, they all have solutions.  How does one get to the solution, by applying rigorous testing.  How does one test, by following a series of steps, each unfolding, leading to further analysis, and conclusions.

Our neighbors have bamboo plants.  Those bamboo plants do not heed the rule of "do not grow in my yard".  Except as nature would have it, they follow their own laws and standards.  So we set out, to investigate, where do the roots stem from, where do they go, how far has their network infiltrated our perimeter, and report findings.  In doing so, we uncover the root cause, pun intended, and are in a position to rectify the situation.  As roots under the pool are not allowed.

Here, you can see, along with my trusted assistants, our root cause analysis developments, thus far.

As you can see, my trusted assistance are doing bio samples for texture, decomposition levels and chemical makeup.

It would appear the bamboo root system has breached the perimeter, and has plans to expand outward and downward in somewhat of a chaotic position. 

Keep in mind, its only a scientific discovery expedition, to follow the root system, identify its positioning, notate.  And at the end, remove swiftly and diligently.

Although the analysis and remove coincide, the basic premise is not to remove, its just to analyze.  The side result, will be the removal of roots.  Its a byproduct of the experiment.

Finding computer bugs is similar, the end result may be to correct the bug and move on, but the scientific approach is merely curiosity, identify moving parts, look for patterns, identify, document, extract, correct, move on.

Similar pattern of exploration.  If one is only focused on the end result, the task will seem daunting, and many would give up premature.  By following nothing but curiosity and enjoyment of the journey, following the process, it becomes a fun adventure, and the end result is sometimes the end of a thrilling ride.

In life, its sometimes difficult to find complex problems for solving, luckily in the world of programming, people produce bugs every single day in every single program.  So life long opportunity for those bug hunters, that enjoy the thrill of the chase, to get to the root cause.

And so it goes~!