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Road Less Traveled Pathway into IT

We had to view so many loans per day in the loan department.  Approve.  Decline.  Decline.  Approve.  When the SVP asked for a volunteer to create reports, I raised my hand.

I accumulated the prior days numbers into a spreadsheet, didn't have to meet quota on loans viewed per day, and the job was fun.

I asked to take a computer class, c++, got an A, bank reimbursed, then got hired in IT, after asking many times.

I was tasked with reports.  Crystal Reports specifically.  Version 5 was released.  They also had a product called Crystal Info to schedule reports.

There was not training classes, nor were the books to purchase, nor was there content on the web back then.  How did I learn it.  Well, we purchased a bank in St. Louis, they had a consultant in town for a big project we were working on, and the contractor and me grabbed a conference room and I picked his brain for a few hours.  Asked him about every button, what it did, and then I was the Crystal Reports guy.

I also worked with another consultant doing Visual Basic application called Life of Loan where they tracked metrics on loans, connected to Oracle, as did the Crystal Reports.

Soon I was getting calls from NC and all over, I hear you can create reports, sure what do you need, and that was my first official IT job.  I also worked on the Military Banking application, but it didn't get too far.

They had stock options, I was an officer of the bank, working in the regional loan center.

I went from call center rapid credit taking credit card apps over the phone for $7.50 an hour part time, to the national credit center for a finance company, got downsized, moved to Florida, worked as assistant branch manager, then the regional loan center into IT.  Oh, with an Anthropology major.

That may not be the most direct path into IT, road less traveled perhaps.