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Retirement a Relic of the Past

What are you going to do when you retire?

Retire.  Never thought about it.  Are you saving for retirement?  Sure, 401k, company match.  How much will you have saved up by what age?  Who knows.  How much will you need per month to survive.  Who knows.  What will you do for health insurance.  Who knows.  How much will you be taxed for distribution.  Who knows.  Where will you live?  Who knows.  How much debt will you carry into retirement?  Who knows.  Do you have any idea how much retirement homes cost?  Who knows.  When will you be eligible for Medicare / Medicaid?  Who knows.  What's the different between the two?  Who knows.

Well, we see you've thought this through to the nth detail.  Or not.

Nobody plans for retirement.  Can't even pay the current bills.  Let alone savings.  Use to depend on pensions.  No more.  They've been devoured, funds just aren't there.  What about social security.  There is no surplus of monies earmarked for you in retirement, there's only the incoming taxes paid by current generation.  How much longer will SS be available.

So you are approaching 50 years of age.  Ever wonder if age discrimination exists in the workforce.  Take a closer look.  You might be surprised.  Age discrimination is against the law.  Perhaps.

What about all these people leaving the workforce?  Who will fill the gaps?  Next generation.  Are they trained?  What about the folks that should have already left the workforce, yet clinging on due to lack of savings, or savings wiped out by stock / housing bubbles.  If they don't retire, the jobs don't open up.

Lots to think about to prepare for retirement.  Perhaps retirement will become a thing of the past.  Instead of retirement planners, maybe modify the job description, to put food on the table for next meal planners, so we don't have to live on the streets, planners.

Retire, you're kidding right?