Recent AI Article Summary

https://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2018/05/machine-learning-is-stuck-on-asking-why/560675/?single_page=trueI read a good article recently.  Talking about the current state of Artificial Intelligence.  AI has made drastic improvements over the past few decades.  In that it can predict based on probability, as in curve fitting mainly.  For AI to make leaps and bounds, the intelligent machines must learn to "Infer", as in forward and backward reasoning.  In other words, give a result, have the machine determine the root cause, as well as predict the cause, based on initial data.  AI machines need to determine the reason "why", through use of connected AI systems, through communication, based on the environmental conditions it gathers over time.  Basically, AI needs to understand "reality", and then predict future as well as past causes.  

Here's the article link: How a Pioneer of Machine Learning Became One of Its Sharpest Critics

I don't claim to program AI systems, I enjoy keeping up with latest trends.  And surely AI is a current trend.