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Quick Self Help Book / Program

I'd like to write a quick self help book for the readers.

Basically, solve your own problems.

Difficult pill to swallow, yet it works.

Don't depend on others to solve your problem.

Chances are, they won't.  If they do, it will be for a fee, or recurring fee, or you'll be indebted to them, or they solve your problem and create 10 new ones.

There are no quick fixes to long standing problems, going back several generations in some cases, no magic pill or potent that will fix everything.  Even winning the lottery will create new problems, as the Universe abhors vacuums, and will fill your void with something new.


5 Sub Main()
10 On Error Goto Rest
20   Try Something()
30      If Success = False Then FallDown()
40      Else CelebrateMiniVictory()
50      End If
60   Loop
70 :Rest
80    DetachRestGetEnergyBack()
90 Resume
95 End Sub

100 Private Function FallDown()
110   GetBackUp()
120   TryAgain()
130 End Function

This pseudo code written in BASIC format sort of resembles the new program for your life.  Learn it.  Live it.  Love it.

Carry on~!