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Life is an Ironic Comedy

I sat in the last row, all the way on the left hand side of the class.  Just about invisible.  Never participated much, not sure who initiated it, me being shy / quiet or teachers lack of desire to initiate conversation.

Except the students in the back row knew me.  Although I rarely spoke, one guy John, said I was the most sarcastic person he ever met.  That class in particular, I read books, Bloom County books.  Some of those comics were hilarious, sometimes I couldn't control the laughter.  The girl in front of me would turn and give me a look to tone it down.

The following summer, I attempted to write my own version of comics, called Jon Bloom County, although the art work was a bit rough, and the humor wasn't in par, it was fun to do.

Many years later, I was working in Atlanta for a finance company.  I was taking a night class at the college downtown, company was going to reimburse me.  I had a lot of business courses already and figured I go for a minor in business.

After work, head to the Marta station, travel downtown, find class room on campus, sit near the back and listen.  I was startled by the woman sitting in front of me.  She looked familiar.  We talked for a few minutes, sure enough, it was the same girl from high school class that sat in front of me, telling me to stop laughing in class.

Turns out I didn't do too well in that class.  So I found another college north of the city, signed up to take computer class.  The class was taught by an Equifax employee during the day and they taught three things: Paradox database, Quatro Pro spreadsheets and Lotus 1-2-3 Word processor.  That's where I learned copy-paste.

For some reason, the computer classes were much easier than business classes.  By that time, the credit center announced their closing, we could interview for other positions within the company.  I interviewed for assistant manager in Sarasota Florida, they flew me down for the day, interviewed, flew back.  Few days later, got the offer, said if I decline, no severance pay, I started the following Monday.

When you look for the funny side of things, it turns out, life has no shortage of ironic incidents all the time.  I still find myself saying sarcastic things under the breath, just to keep the flame alive.

Life is an ironic comedy, if you have the eyes to see.