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Few Random Thoughts on This and That

Gas.  Why are there 3 grades of gas.  Not including diesel.  Why do they sell with a price ending in .9.  Why do the prices fluctuate daily.  Are we allowed to return gas, for whatever reason, listen I bought too much, I'd like to return these 3 gallons for refund.  Why do they prompt you for zip code when using pump, do they not realize if a crook stole you CC, chances are they could do a google search to locate your zip in about 2 seconds.  Where did they derive the prices for items in the store, take whatever the price should be, multiply by a factor of 10, let it sit in the store for 6 months, call it a day.

No but seriously.

Renting sure got expensive.  Not sure how many can afford rent, when salaries don't justify costs of living.  When you purchase home, they do calculation based on income to payment ratio, not for renting, just supply first, last month and security deposit.  Your payment could be 75% of your monthly paycheck, not sure if they consider that when signing lease.

Is there any accountability in the mental health field.  Hey, this counseling didn't work, I'd like a refund.  What metrics are used in favor of the client to ensure quality, consistency and accuracy.

They say airlines are making profits by nickel and dime'ing its passengers.  I'm not sure I believe that, but the $5 charge for saying "hello" and $2.50 for "smile" seemed a bit odd.

There was a discovery long ago, about energy delivered wirelessly.  I wonder why we couldn't implement such a device.  Use all those towers sprinkled throughout the city, they're already an eyesore, why not leverage them for good use.

Not sure if you realized, when you drive up to a traffic light.  There are actually 4 cycles.  2 that go straight, 2 that turn.  So you actually move 1/4 of the time and sit idle for 3/4 of the time.  For a few cycles.  How about that. 

I haven't been to a movie in 10 years.  Not because of the price or lack of quality, well actually, both are true.

And I don't think the school systems are biased, play favorites, label kids at early age which determines success in life, or fail to teach necessary skills to adapt and survive in the real world, again, that may be true.

And I definitely don't think the workforce is simply an adult day care center where people are allowed to speak when spoken, walk single file down the hall, and stare at the monitors for 8 hours a day, well, you got me again, this may have a tad bit of truth to it.

Lastly, I don't think people will do anything to keep their jobs, whatever it takes, deceptive measure included, because many know the job market is tough and changing mid life / career is even tougher, ah, again, may be some truth as well.

So there you go, a bit of a rant, a bit of snark, and a bit of "i can't believe he wrote that".

Have a great Friday~!