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Consent or Non Consent, Your Data is Captured

Sure, people are collecting and selling your data.  That's called monitization.  Not sure people are surprised about it.  You use free things on the web, there's always a cost.  Nothing free.  They scoop your patterns, identify what makes you tick, then sell it, to people who market to you.

Hey, we did a 6 month study, gather tons of data, cleansed, created a model, analyzed.  Determine that people enjoy watching cat videos.  Project a huge success.  Or suppose we could have conjured that insight from mere observation.  Observation is a key attribute when looking for patterns.  Data helps also, for audit trail.  Except much of machine learning happens in a black box, nobody knows for sure just what's going on behind the curtains.  Suppose AI needs a way to become transparent, to ensure no funny business going on.

Which makes you wonder, with the talks of lack of ethics in the AI space, who better to create the guidelines, than the people creating the new AI frameworks.  What could go wrong there.

It's one thing to consent to capturing your information or signing up for rewards card to track your behavior and patterns.  What about the forms of data capture you didn't agree too.  Traffic light cameras.  Facial recognition.  Tracking cell phones.  That's happening right now.  Did you agree to consent, by checking the appropriate box.  Even if you did, do you understand what you agreed too?  Perhaps if you're a lawyer that can read fine print, unfortunately, who has the time, inclination or understanding what those docs really say.

Except, there's no way around it.  Sign up and agree, or don't sign up and still agree, you entire lives are documented, archived for future use.  And yes, you data is being sold this very minute, so you should expect a few emails later today, incentives to purchase that thing you viewed yesterday online.  Hopefully, you get a few discounts for giving away your soul.

And so it goes~!