You Never Know What You'll Find

I've been going to garage sales and flea markets since early teens.  Its amazing what you can find there.  Quality items good prices variety like you've never seen.

We attend garage sales every Saturday.  Set aside specific amount of money, get in the car, head out to fun and adventure.  When the lot of ones are used up, we go home.

And bring our haul into the house, amongst the piles of clutter from Saturday's long ago.

Its surprising to see the variety of items.  And each garage sale is different.  Never the same twice.

The one thing you get good at, is assessing the quality of items as you drive up to the sale.  Within a few seconds you get a feel.  What is the condition and location of house.  What items are for sale.  How are they arranged.  What do the sales people look and act like.

You get a glimpse into people's entire lives by looking at their stuff.  One thing you tend to see, which may surprise people, is most people have basically the same stuff.  Except the richer neighborhoods simply have nicer stuff, nicer toys, better quality.  The stuff is basically the same however.

There is so much to purchase you have to become selective.  Just because the price is good, you may not need that item, so you pass on it.  How many can openers does a family need.

Its fun to talk with the sales people, get a glimpse of who they are, where they are in life, with their items providing a snapshot of their entire lives.

At some point, you look at all this stuff, and realize, stuff is okay, but the world has more to offer than stuff.  Like the movie Brewster's Millions in the 1970's, the main character has to spend gobs of money within time frame, if completed, he gets even more gobs of money.  So he throws away the money at frivolous items, expected to decline in value.  What he learns is spending money, although fun at first, is not really fun.

There is more to life than just stuff.  But going to sales is a good hobby.  And guess what, you never know what you are going to find.

And so it goes~!