You Are a Solar System

You are a planet.  You revolve around the Sun.  You have moons and satellites.  Bet you didn't know that.

Your Sun is your energy source.  Which supplies energy and helps growth.

You have Moons that orbit you.  Moons for Health.  Moons for Finances.  Moons for Family, friends, spirituality, personal development, etc.

Each Moon varies in size, based on personal  bias and needs.  Likewise, each Moon varies in distance from you, depending on how much attention you pay it.

How often do you visit each Moon, tend to it, till the soil, water the crops, reap the harvest.  Do some Moons get ignored over others, vacant and abandoned.

Perhaps the size and distance of each Moon, affects the tides and moods of your life, like the tides of the Ocean rise and fall.

Perhaps our thoughts are stored in the dark matter that surrounds your Solar System.  Keeping tabs of all your thoughts, actions, from birth.

You yourself are an ecosystem, a Solar System, out in the wilderness of the Galaxy, interacting with other Solar Systems.

Each day, your Planet continues its journey around the Sun.  Your Moon revolve around your Planet.  And each day your Solar System revolves around the center of the Universe.  All connected.  Same matter that exists in the Universe exists in your personal Solar System and makes the content of every atom everywhere.

And so, are the days of our lives.