Who Could Ask for Anything More

People often ask me how I met my wife.  And I tell them, I used to hang out at the jail during parole day, scouting out a future mate.  No but seriously.

I was living in a rental villa, after selling my second home.  I had resigned from my job, to do nothing.  By doing nothing, I did websites for people and taught tennis, nothing lucrative.  And I spent my time down at the marina with the local yocals.

During my free time, I sat out front, watching the world go by.  My neighbor, would walk her dog each day.  A Golden Retriever named Maddie.  That dog pulled Karen every day, over to see me.  I'd pat Maddie on the head and talk with her.  I'm on vacation this week I'd say.  Next week, same thing.

A group of us residents decided to walk down to the marina to see the free concert.  Just before heading out, we all looked up, a double rainbow.  We proceeded the mile walk down to the marina and listened to the music.  The other lady hooked up with some friends and it was just me and Karen.  Hey would you like a hot dog and soda?  Sure.

And we proceeded to eat our dinner, down at the marina, listening to music, watching the sun set.  Afterwords, we began the mile walk home, just the two of us.  We talked the entire way home.  Then we each went to our villas, side by side, it was about 9pm.

I saw that a movie was playing, knocked on my neighbor's door, hey would you like to see a movie?  Now?  Yes.  And so, we went to the late movie.

The next weekend, I had a team tournament in Orlando, we made it to the playoffs, I asked Karen if she could watch my cat.  As I was heading out of town, there was something on my windshield.  A card wishing me good luck.

At the hotel in Orlando, I mentioned to my roommate about the card, he said that one might be a keeper.  So we had our first date the following week, at the steakhouse.

At the time I didn't have much going on, career wise.  I was spending my days and nights down at the marina loitering with the folks telling stories, fishing, doing nothing.  Karen figured I didn't have any money since I wasn't working, said if I need an extra room to stay, she had one.  I don't think she knew I had enough cash saved up to purchase her villa outright, and I had a private banker at the time from savings and selling the houses.

So when I had nothing, she didn't seem to mind.  Sure, I had a few dozen address' over the years, didn't know much about my past.  Just someone to spend time with, do things and be ourselves.  Shortly after, I broke my lease early, moved to her villa, and soon proposed.

They say you should purchase a ring 2 and half your monthly salary, so I purchased a diamond.  Then, they said you need a ring to put the diamond.  Then you need to purchase wedding bands, so little did I know about these matters.

Karen and I have been married for a while now.  The last 3+ years there have been health problems.  Still we enjoy spending time together, travel, attend sporting events, restaurants, cabin in the mountains.

Who could ask for anything more~!