Sports Prepares Us for Adult Career Life

When you play sports the goal is to win.  Could be individual sport or team sport.

When you play individual sports, like swimming or tennis, your individual effort determines your outcome.  That means you two things: nobody to lift you up & nobody to pull you down.  Yet, you may be part of a team that plays another team of individual events.

When you play a team sport, you have members of your team, each with different positions such as baseball or soccer.  Everyone knows their assigned responsibility and work as a unit to overcome the opponent.

People who grew up playing sports, in my opinion, have something extra they bring to the workforce.  Workers who play or played sports have mental toughness.  That toughness shows through in their everyday work, as well as crunch time when pressures rise.  Like a big deadline, big demo, big sales call.  Sports players tend to rise to the occasion and push the nervousness to the side in order to take care of business.

Team players also know the goal is to win as a team, such that, you help out when possible and ask for help when needed.  There are small battles that need attention every day, but the end goal is to win the effort.

Sports players also tend to bounce back after tough days as they know we all have hiccups along the way.  The trick is to view the event, learn from it, and move on.  Tomorrow is another day.

I remember working in the branch of a finance company.  One day I did particularly well and sold a lot of loans, to exceed the monthly quota.  Next day, the boss said yesterday's sales are over, today is a new day, start from scratch.  And that's the mentality you need in the workforce, never rest on yesterday's wins, never accept defeat from yesterday's loss.  Next day start anew.  To bring your A-game.

People that grew up playing sports tend to have a good attitude in the workforce overall in my opinion.  Sports can teach us a lot about the business world.  Playing sports in youth prepares for the battles of life, this includes 40+ year career.  Do you witness this in the workforce - yes or no?