Real Time Learning

With the advent of cloud architecture, we no longer do specific things.  We do a variety of things in variety of ecosystems for a variety of clients doing a variety of offerings.

So you work with data.  You may build and design databases.  You may load databases.  You may report on databases.  You may build cubes.  You may build solutions using web based product.  You may build solutions using on-premise products.  You may build build hybrid solutions across variety of vendors and variety of technologies.  You may work with relations databases.  You may work with pair valued databases.  You may work with large data sets, location data, disparate data sets, you may work with graph databases.  You may embed your solutions within other applications.  You may build dashboards that pull data across the internet.  You may scrape data from the web in real time.  You may build models stored in the cloud.  You may call other people's models.  You may build machine learning applications.  You may build Artificial Intelligence applications.  You may do all of the above a pieces of each.

You no longer simply do a specific thing.  You do many things.  And those many things will evolve and change over time.  We are working in a moving environment.  Things are changing in real time.

When someone asks if you have x years in specific technology, that's really not the question.  The question is how do you apply past experience to latest technology.  Because nobody knows every technology.  And even if you did, it's already changed.  Specific years is outdated.  Real time learning is where its at.