Hand Writing to become Dead Language similar to Latin

I don't speak Latin.  Nor do I understand hieroglyphics.  Because they aren't taught in everyday schools, except medical schools for Latin.

How many times per day do you write something, with a pen or pencil.  For me, probably never.  Except at the bank, filling out deposit or withdraw slips.  Or perhaps signing name on credit card machine using fictitious pen applied to screen.

Seriously, I don't write anything with pen and paper anymore.  There's no need.  I jot down notes using Google Keep, its accessible on smart phone and laptop.  I keep to-do list, notes from appointments, ideas that pop into head, lists of pro's and con's on variety of subjects and decisions.

I feel that standard writing will soon go away.  You're already seeing signs of this regarding cursive handwriting.  Typing is the current trend.  And that's probably not the definitive input device, as voice commands are already quite common, on the smart phone as well as car voice commands.

Yep, basic handwriting may go the way of Latin, perhaps taught in schools, as a dead language, handwriting could become a thing of the past.

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And so it goes~