Go Deep or Wide

We all know what we know.  Some are good at what they do.  Yet that's all they do.

The best baseball player in the league, may not know how to balance a checkbook.

The best financial guru may not be a great tennis player.

We know what we know.

You know.

It's when you realize how much you don't know that you become aware.  Once aware, you realize just how big the world is.  And how much there is to learn.

We cannot know everything.  Yet we can learn about what interests us.  Or what's useful to fortify our position.

This surrounds the age old question.  Do we focus on specific items to learn to become expert, or do we go wide and learn a little about a lot, high level knowledge.

One thing to keep in mind, if you go deep on specific topic or area, when things change, you are no longer the expert and have to re-learn.  If you go wide, you never become expert in specific thing.

So expert level in specific niche, or high level knowledge about lots of subjects.

And there you have it~!